November 7

I guess it’s not by chance I spent

the morning hours thinking of Mother–
not as a matron lavished with responsibility
the way I grew up knowing her–
but as a young single woman celebrating
I posted a grainy, black and white shot of Mom
a month after high school graduation
dressed in a gown of her mother’s invention–
with capelet and guantleted gloves–
and a crown.
That day, she sang for the town about lands of the free,
flying red, white and blue, the Statue of Liberty–
for whom she stood in effigy–her voice high and true.
(I know because she gave me a private rendition
forty-some years later from memory. That broader occasion
was our nation’s bicentennial and I belonged
to to the campus planning committee.)
She continued to be a statue it seemed to us kids.
Perhaps she was freer than we were–at first–
we, her earned virtue and the right to defend it.
Later she learned that political freedom
was different than freedom of spirit.
She suffered from fear and her realization
that others can think whatever they will.
Independence was not just about nation
but about heart and surrender–
a task she didn’t quite conquer.
In the afternoon, I took a few minutes
to stroll in fall weather. There was a place
where I stepped off the concrete into the leaves–
maple and elm and cottonwood mixed together–
crackling, sending up scent.
Mind and memory knew what it meant:
Mother had found me again after all.

mom as columbia

Find what’s yours . . . truly, danscir52

copyright 2014 Dan Christensen all rights reserved


About danscir52

Create! Join in the passion of found art and eclecticism. See the potential in free stuff, thrift store finds, spoils from family treasure and your own evolution. Self-style, design your environment as you reuse, recombine, refurbish, reinvent. Here's a key to sources I might mention: gift from Heaven=the item presents itself when you know to ask for it or when the universe clearing house knows you are about to need it (everything below is a subset of the above); dumpster or curbside=somewhat informal community exchange; DI=Deseret Industries, a church-run, all-items-donated thrift store and sheltered workshop; NPS=National Product Sales aka Market Square, a store whose merchandise comes from trucking and other companies dealing in odd lots and undeliverables; ReStore (Habitat for Humanity)=a thrift store offering donated salvaged and unused materials from remodelings or new construction projects; all the other thrift, discount, and consignment shops waiting for you to find what's yours--and add the love!

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