Quick fix for leaky fountain

Enjoyed for the sound it makes more than the way it looks–I’ve come across lots of prettier ones that don’t sound as good as this one–my balcony garden fountain developed a leak out the bottom. I thought of painting it with tar on the inside but then I really didn’t want to spend the money on a bucket of tar and risk failing to seal the crack that has limited access anyway. I then thought of forcing an empty yogurt container down into the tight space but figured I would not be able to seal around the opening where the water re-enters to be pumped back up to the top.

The solution? Create a new reservoir AROUND the existing one.

Leaving the fountain in the sun for a few minutes softened the tubing so I could pull it and the electric pump out of the way. Then I carefully broke out the bottom with a hammer. I found plastic bottle with appropriate width and trimmed it to desired height with a razor blade.The ceramic fit. I filled the new plastic reservoir with water, plugged it in, and tucked the fountain under the hosta leaves where it has chirped nicely for years.

Décor alert! Moss and the antique cast iron humidifier from my parents’ old coal furnace complement the fountain’s ability to please the ear.


Find what’s yours . . . truly.

copyright 2016 Dan Christensen


About danscir52

Create! Join in the passion of found art and eclecticism. See the potential in free stuff, thrift store finds, spoils from family treasure and your own evolution. Self-style, design your environment as you reuse, recombine, refurbish, reinvent. Here's a key to sources I might mention: gift from Heaven=the item presents itself when you know to ask for it or when the universe clearing house knows you are about to need it (everything below is a subset of the above); dumpster or curbside=somewhat informal community exchange; DI=Deseret Industries, a church-run, all-items-donated thrift store and sheltered workshop; NPS=National Product Sales aka Market Square, a store whose merchandise comes from trucking and other companies dealing in odd lots and undeliverables; ReStore (Habitat for Humanity)=a thrift store offering donated salvaged and unused materials from remodelings or new construction projects; all the other thrift, discount, and consignment shops waiting for you to find what's yours--and add the love!

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